What is the surfbar? Surfbar is a software to display advertisements on your screen. Each time when we watch ads, we earn points. Those points are exchanged for cash. Do we have to be at computer all the time when surbar is running? The answer in most cases is no. So you can earn money sitting on your butt. Some surfbar can check the user's presence but not all do this. Instead of this most software provides additional ways to earn. So you can multiply your income. Eager to start making money? For your convenience I collected information about most popular and most cost-effective surfbars.
Name Link to make a account. Equivalent of 1000 points The hourly rate (points)/(cents) Levels of referrals bonuses Payout minimum
Smartbarre Start Earn 0.0755 € 80 / 0.6040 ¢ 25% 10% 10% PTC, Tombola, Games, Competitions 15 €
Surf-Barre Start Earn 0.1000 € 60 / 0.6000 ¢ 5% PTS, PTC, Tombola, Games, Competitions 10 €
20dollars2surf Start Earn 0.1097 $ 60 / 0.6552 ¢(USD) 10 x 10% PTC, PTR, PTP, Bingo, wheel of Fortune, bonus clicks 20 $
WadoBarre Start Earn 0.1000 € 60 / 0.4440 ¢ 20 % PTC, PTP, PTS, Games, Competitions 5 €


20dollars2surf is one of the famous surfbar. I use it for a few months so I can express my honest opinion. This service provides a number of additional ways to gain extra points. As an example I can give the „Clicks Bonus” option. This service allows us earn even four thousand point per month. Others surbars have the same option but number of items to click is usually less so we earn less amaount of points. The biggest drawback of this surbar is the inability to run on a virtual machine. Technically it works but the points are not calculated. This program can be run together with other surbars but application requires installation.


This surbar comes from France and the website is unfortunatelly in french. This isn't big drafback beacause we always can use a Google transalte. This service works in little different way. Points earned by you during the month aren't exchanged on the money at the end of the month. Points are the currency. You can exchange it on the codes, awards. You can also change it on the money and send to one of the following account: PayPal, Skrill, HIPAY, PAYZA. The minimal payment is only 5 euro so it is posivite aspect of this service. This surfbar check our presence. One time per hour we have to rewrite special code. This service provides also option "Click Bonus". Number of items avaliable to click is enormous but number of point per click is rather low. My personal experience shows that we are able to earn 100-130 point per day.