Welcome to PSWorld

The first question is: What is this website about? The Answer is simple. This site is about programming. Professionally I am a software developer and web designer so I'd like to share with you my experience. I'm not talking only about the technical aspects of IT. I'll tell you how to use existing technologies to make money.

In this section I will post various information about programming. Here will be posted various tutorials about new technologies, useful part of code etc. Most of the articles on this page will be based on Microsoft technologies as C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL. I do not exclude other technologies such as Java, because I still develop my skills.
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Earn Money (How to easy earn money)


Have you ever thought about how to earn money without big effort. Theoretically there are many possibilities but most of them are illegal. Fortunately in our times internet can give us possibility to earn maybe not big money but always it is additional income which increase our budget, and most of them needs only minimal effort.
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